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The sadness he experienced throughout the novel was so beautiful and almost endearing.  It was like a drug and I kept craving more. – Ashley Nestler on Peachy Keen Book Reviews

The writing is flowery at times, and repetitive, but overall it’s an easy read and a good way to spend an afternoon. – JB Markes on Amazon

He is able to bring the reader deep inside the main character’s thoughts and feelings with every passing sentence driving the message home. – Jay Saph‘s on GR

I thought The Unseen Face scared the heck out of me. I thought of Poe. The story had a feel of fear. It took me deep inside this character who has done something wrong and wrestles with his life to the bitter end. It was a melodic story and the prose flowed into a tale that made you listen to The Unseen Face. – G. Franklin Prue on GR

I enjoyed the beginning and the end (which I won’t give away here) but the middle dragged on a bit too much with James’ rather repetitive self-absorbed inner monologue. – Page LaRue at Goodreads –

Joannes Rhino succeeded in illustrating a lost, confused young adult and made it all feel natural. Not forced, without trying too hard. Just the right amount. The author did the trick by cutting out the obvious, the climax reached in such an unforeseen way that in the end everything made sense. – Trang at Bookidote

This is unlike any other novels I have read recently. I usually read fantasy sci-fi or suspenseful novels but on the occasion, I do break out of my comfort zone and go for something entirely different. The Unseen Face by Joannes Rhino is a dark literature. It deals with the uncomfortable subject of mental illness and what can happen to all of us when pushed to the brink. The Unseen Face is dark, suspenseful and intense. A five stars from me. – Daniel Chong at Google Books

The character development was on point, the emotions reached me and I felt like I was with the different characters as they discussed their concerns, emotions and more. I enjoyed that the author took time to discuss the different mental health concerns that could be at play, the stereotype many people have with them and how the health profession can lead to someone getting help. – Meghan Varner on Meghan Varner blog

I believe that is what art is supposed to do. The author took on the portrayal of mental disorders, which is both incredibly difficult and controversial. I applaud him for it. I’ve struggled with mental disorders all of my life (the major one being PTSD). This book was very triggering for me and elicited a lot of unexpected responses. – Kylen, PTSD patient –

Rhino’s “The Unseen Face” is a page-turning psychological thriller chocked full of honest human emotion and masterful intrigue. Read it straight through for an exciting and compelling ride. – Blacke Tales added it – 

Joannes Rhino displays mastery in writing with the novel ‘The Unseen Face’. From the opening scene the stage is set in this dark and psychological novel, and the reader is pulled from the edge in this page turner as ‘The Unseen Face’ comes full circle. The plot has has a twist that will leaver the reader guessing until the very end. While the characters are flawed and broken, they are also refreshingly real and honest and Rhino does an amazing job at establishing the main character while touching on subjects such as death, suicide and trauma. Highly recommend and look forward to reading all of the authors other works! – David Tanager rated it 5 of 5 stars via Goodreads –

The whole ride, I felt the tension, the fear, the churning stomach, as James went down the path of this particular journey. Interesting how we all can feel so alone even when we have people around us who care more than we do. This one will give you a lot to think about. – Susan Jackson Rivera rated it 4 of 5 stars via Amazon –

It took me a little bit to get sucked in but when I did I couldn’t put it down. this book is very well written, deep and moving. – Kyla Schepers rated it 5 of 5 stars  via Goodreads –

The Unseen Face isn’t really the type of book that I usually read, so my opinion could vary greatly from readers of this particular genre. To be honest, I think readers of this genre will undoubtedly enjoy it. The author certainly has a poetic way with descriptors and obviously enjoys weaving stories that readers would want to read. – L L Ford – http://www.amazon.com/dp/1514210061

The story was good, with a strange note causing a young man to suffer shocking nightmares and a descent into madness / paranoia, but about two thirds of the way through the truth behind the death became clear (so the ending wasn’t as shocking as it could have been). Some of the writing could have been tighter, a few of the scenes were a bit simplistic and the dialogue was a bit clunky in places. – Wilde Sky’s review via Goodreads –

The Unseen Face is more than just a normal story. Joannes Rhino is more than just any author his writing style is truly unique, and it’s perfect for a story that is as difficult to write as this one. Overall perfect story that I could read again, and again! – Stephanie moore – http://www.amazon.com/dp/1514210061

The storyline reminds me a bit of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic, Spellbound, with Ingrid Bergman and Gregory Peck in the leading roles. It’s well written by Joannes, and it’s not hard to picture James’s fear and frustrations. – Cynthia Fridsma – http://www.cynthiafridsma.com

I was attracted by the description of this book as I love thrillers, and anything to do with dreams/nightmares. This is the first book I have read by Joannes Rhino and I found it to be an entertaining read. It is different to the types of book I have been reading lately, however I enjoyed it and read it within a few sittings. – Gina Dickerson – http://ginadickerson.blogspot.com

What I appreciated most about The Unseen Face was that I never felt as though my time or page space was being wasted. Yes, I stated that it flew by almost too quickly, emphasis on the almost. Where all too many novels suffer from the author’s need to build a higher word count, Rhino doesn’t do that to his reader. He wrote a short novel but it packs the punch of a far weightier tome. My advice is to just sit back and go. If you can manage to look away, you’ll be doing yourself a great disservice. – Bryce Salazar in Goodreads –

Before you read the review (or even the book), you should know that you need a particular mindset to actually be able to immerse in this book – You need to be a little philosophical and lot more pragmatic because when this book grips you, it won’t let go until it has wrung out each and every bit of emotion that you have in you. – Pavi- https://indianbookloveaffair.wordpress.com

Well one thing’s for sure the author is talented. Complete page turner, and you feel for the main character James you go with him on his journey and then when things start going wrong you wish you could do something about it! It’s about the mind and its incredible ability to form delusions. Ever since his girlfriend Emilia died, James has been suicidal to the point where he finds no happiness in anything. Not even the lovely Jennifer. The ending completely left me speechless. Loved it! – Cyma Rizwaan Khan in Goodreads –

Wow what can I say, my first mystery/thriller book and it held my attention wanting more. This was really a well written, exciting book. James Maddox the main character had me puzzled just a little in the beginning, but as the book went on the story twists to thriller (suspense) and had me visualizing every character and plot as I always do with a book as the story went on. The death and visuals he was having in his dreams of his deceased girlfriend Emilia, really took a toll on James to the fact that he becomes obsessed with her dreams….The Unseen Face kept me turning the pages until I got to the end and it had me hung! A great read! – Janielle in Goodreads –

Though I went through the book in phases according to my schedule, but everytime when I was reading I felt connected to this book and did not want to stop. In terms of everything you can think of to judge a book, I found it perfect, except that by the time I hit the last part it was already clear to me that who would turn out to be the real culprit. If a little more suspense was created till the end to hide the identity of the culprit, like how it was in the entire book, then this book would have been a complete fictional suspense thriller. Overall I feel pretty satisfied after reading it. Author Joannes Rhino has done a great job. Loved Reading It – Shivam Seem in Amazon –

In this psychological thriller the author explores the mind of a very troubled young man (the main character) who is dealing with extreme depression, nightmares and thoughts of suicide. For me, this is not my usual type of book and I did not enjoy the foul language and bad behavior of the main character (especially in the first few chapters) but, as I continued reading, I quickly discovered why the main character acted as he did and soon found myself wondering what was going to happen next. With a few unexpected twists and turns, this story turned out to be quite good; a psychological thriller like I’ve never read before. – Christina Scalise in Amazon –

Joannes Rhino’s novel, The Unseen Face, is superbly written with an exceptional literary style. The main character James reminds me of the tortured souls found in an Edgar Allan Poe tale. This story pulled me into the protagonist’s world, feeling his anguish and perplexity. This is a highly recommended novel for the literary fiction fan and mystery lover alike. – Ron D. Voigtson in Amazon –

James Maddox plods through life detached from emotion following the heartbreak of losing the love of his life, Emilia. He’s plagued by a recurring bloody nightmare of Emilia’s death that will give him no peace. Then he receives a cryptic letter sign with the words “I am innocent” signed with only initials. As his life falls apart, both his friend and his current girlfriend call his attention to the fact that something is terribly wrong with him. The story hooked me right from the beginning and kept me turning pages. In the vein of Edgar Allen Poe, Rhino unfolds a story with troubled, sympathetic character harboring deep pain and a horrific past. Just a note of caution, the story contains language and some violence. I felt the writing at times needed tightening up but because it held my attention until the end, I give it 4 out of 5 stars. – Teena Marie Stewarton in Amazon –

The author shows a lot of well kept imagination in his novels and this one is no exception. With well developed characters and a carefully created story line, he does an outstanding job of reflecting mystery and thriller into a sense of reality. The ending is a shocking surprise but I wont spoil it for you. overall, the book is filled with creativity and brutal illusion. A very talented writer. I thoroughly enjoyed it. – Pennie Mae Cartawick –

“I’m giving this book 4 stars because it had me turning pages late into the night. It is a story of a man who lost the love of his life. He becomes obsessed with her loss and she begins to visit him each night in his dreams. As the story progresses I had figured out the plot a little more than half way through. Even though I knew what was to come, it did not seem to matter. I needed to know why and how. What I didn’t like was how the story focused on his feelings alone no matter who he may hurt along the way. It also would have been nice for the author to find a proofreader before publishing. All on all it will keep your heart racing right along with the pages.” – Debbie Wilson –

“First of all, the author does an amazing job when it comes to description. He found magical ways to say something as simple as “I was standing in the rain” or “She collapsed”. The minute I came across his technique for description I knew this was going to be a well written piece. The prologue takes us through the dark process of committing suicide and then we’re taken back several days to the start of the events that led up to the prologue. The main character, James, was easy to connect with. He had a realistic job and was a high school drop-out, like me, which created a bond between the character and I. – Kevin Anthony –

“Mr. Joannes Rhino is an amazing storyteller, this book grabbed me from the beginning and held my interest to the very end. The author has an incredible way of using description and I felt every bit of his protagonist’s emotion as I followed his journey. This is an exceptional thriller and makes me want to read every one of Mr. Joannes Rhino’s stories. Well done!”– Laura Scott –

“I loved this book — in fact it has been my favorite read in quite some time. Far better than the last several best sellers I’ve read for my book club. Rhino captivated my attention on the first page with his narrative voice. It is raw and real and personal. I was surprised quite a few times, and couldn’t predict how it will all end–which kept me turning the pages to find out. I recommend this book to any reader willing to come out from their comfort zone.” – Rachael Isaacson –

“THIS ONE IS 5 OUT OF 5 STARSGo buy this book now, and sink your teeth into The Unseen Face. You will NEVER be the same again.  The Unseen face is gripping non-stop roller coaster ride of heart throbbing screams, and a bit of emotional baggage. Rhino puts a wicked spin on reality and an unpredictable way of shining circumstances to make you think twice about certain things you have experienced in your own life. With that said this is an enjoyable book for the ages. One to be remembered, and one to be read more than twice.” – Nick Abbate, American Author & Success Coach, Glendale Arizona –

“Joannes Rhino writes that these poems came to life during a troubled time in his life. Even if the reader didn’t know this before reading them, it becomes quite apparent, quickly. They are dark. Not Stephen King dark, even though the poems do include vampires and hell. My heart wasn’t thudding in my chest afraid. Instead it felt the pain of the author. The questions, fear, remorse, and desire for salvation. And his poems show that even dark prose has glimpses of beauty. This collection shows the author’s intellectual depth. And considering he’s not a native English speaker, his command over the language is impressive. For readers looking for something different, I recommend this collection.” – TB Markinson, The author of Marionette & A Woman Lost –

“Let me start this review off by saying: what a unique and well written piece of fiction! Joannes Rhino has incredible talent. His writing style is almost poetic and each sentence flows wonderfully across the page, making for an easy and enjoyable read that had me hooked from the beginning. At no point does the book feel rushed or sluggish, the characters are well-developed and relatable . . . and that ending! It left me hungering for more, just as all books should do! I urge you to pick this up. Even if you’re not usually a thriller/suspense fan, give it a read! You will not be disappointed.” – Brittany M. Willows, American Author –

“The Unseen face” is gripping non-stop roller coaster ride of heart throbbing screams, and a bit of emotional baggage. Rhino, puts a wicked spin on reality and an unpredictable way of shining circumstances to make you think twice about certain things you have experienced in your own life. With that said this is an enjoyable book for the ages. One to be remembered, and one to be read more than twice. – Sam Abbate, American Author & Success Coach, Glendale Arizona –

“Reading Unseen Face by Joannes Rhino can be compared to riding a roller coaster. One moment you can grasp the idea of what is going on and actually feel satisfied with the unfolding of the story but having read some more pages you are falling into an abyss of questions again. Personally for me it opened up splendid vistas for self-discovery and self-realization. I would strongly recommend this book to literally everyone, no matter what your likes and dislikes in literature are, what background or social status you have, because it will by all means give you a clear insight into the matter of things and this inconceivable power we call Universe or God.” – Ekaterina Kurakina, Teacher, Russia –

“Falling from the Sky is an absolute must-read for readers with an insatiable passion for science fiction. Falling from the Sky is a fast-paced narrative that would definitely keep you excited to the end. Imaginative and creative in equal measure, Joannes Rhino’s writing really shines throughout this sci-fi piece. Falling from the Sky is without a doubt, the most accomplished of his novels, not only there is a greater sense of maturity but the plot is inventive and wonderfully nuanced. The growing cast of characters is also drawn exceptionally well and overall it just feels like such a nice read, there isn’t any other way to say it; it’s simply incredibly rich storytelling and the finest modern fantasy you will find anywhere.”– Amélie Abraham, Copyeditor, London –

“I found the story interesting in how it blended various genres together, and perhaps most of all in the level of research that the author put into UFO phenomena. You may be impressed by how firmly rooted in modern UFOlogy it is. The author has drawn deeply on UFO mythology to weave a solid backdrop for the aliens of his story.” – Christopher Allen, a British writer and editor –

“As a sci-fi fanatic, I fell madly in love with this book. I was truly amazed at the ingenuity that Joannes possessed when he weaved this tale together. Because I am a sci-fi addict, I am very quick to critique the genre but, I do not have any complaints about this book.” – Hepzibah Nanna, Ordained Minister, Cherokee Indian –

“This book is a nice mix of sci-fi and romance, without being too technical. The pacing is good, the characterization is pretty deep, and the sci-fi research is great.” – Grace Campbell, Writer & Proofreader, North Carolina –

“This is a fun science fiction/romance novel to read. It is nice to read a sci/fy novel that doesn’t involve an alien virus/invasion/abductions etc, and this was a breath of fresh air. I’m too impatient to wait for volume 2.” – Ashley Kleamenakis, an American Hospital’s Community Residence Counselor –

“His writing style is poetic and heart-gripping and his talent for weaving a fiction book into a classic is favorable.” – James Brown, Bali Weekly Magazine –

“James Madox’s twisted nightmare had me turning pages at warp speed and holding my breath wondering what was coming next. Intense, fascinating and full of twists, this novel is definitely a recent favorite. The ending left me wanting more and cheering on characters. A satisfying and tense read!” – Emmile Da Lopez , Technical Advisor of Ioste Magazine –

“Rhino weaves a brilliant storyline that leads us to believe that there is a murderer inside each one of us; there is always another face hidden behind a mask that even the wearer does not know anything about. The fascination of this masterpiece lies in the fact that although the sequence of incidents seems immediately comprehensible, the ending is vaguely unpredictable.”  – Paul Mcallister, New York Journal –

“The intro does not give anything away… the lead up to the end manipulates your mind into thinking you know exactly what happened, you think you have pieced the facts together and you have the perfect story in your head… but then BAM! You are hit with an intense and shocking truth! Very well written!” – Alani Banani Keiser, Singer & Songwriter, Johannesburg –

“The Unseen Face grabs you from the start, with its beautiful writing, suspense, and humor. This book was pretty psychological and taught me a lot of things I didn’t know. It’s hard finding a book that is wonderfully written, has sympathetic and relatable characters, strong suspense, and an ending that you don’t see coming. I want to read it a second time!” – Zachery Mcbough, African Leadership Community –

“This book has many elements that hit me as real life. The conversations, the predicaments the main character gets into, the relationship tensions, all if it relates to the reader more intimately than most books. It starts and continues at a current level that lures you into a false sense of security. The twist and resulting fall out makes this book a worthy read that will keep you hooked from the beginning to the end. The ending of the book caused me to thirst for more, the best way to end a book.  A Pleasant Surprise!” – Neville Newland, Australian Traveler –

“The Unseen Face is a beautiful, soulful piece of work. This story is very summary heavy and introspective. All in all, the book is riveting, and draws from within the very emotions of grief and takes you on a thrill ride into a very unexpected ending.” – Alaina Fox, an American professional proofreader –

“This novel kept me turning the pages; the pacing is good and didn’t leave me feeling like I was slogging through any slow points. It’s quite a bleak story – quite intentionally. It’s an exploration of emotion, depression and grief with some very dark undercurrents, leavened with a reminder of hope. The author does a good job of portraying the grim revelations of James’ troubled mind.” – Carrie Josephine, Canadian Professional Editor –

“Not only is the plot suspenseful, unique, but very well written as well; amazing descriptions. Once you start reading you forget there are words on the page and you are not standing next to the characters and experiencing everything with them; imagery so vivid that you can almost taste and smell what the main character does. The author brings you through this adventure with a twist you won’t see coming, and you may even relate to the experiences of Mr. James Maddox. The author does a wonderful job of drawing you into the web of the story, taking into account not only the character development, but the development of the environment as well as development of the society with its norms, pressures, and stigmas. Great read!” – Ashley Kleamenakis, an American Hospital’s Community Residence Counselor –

Unseen Face grabs you completely with the suspense, intrigue and slight humor. The imagination is so clear that you can literally feel the emotions of the characters. It focuses on the psychological aspects of post death life and captures your attention right throughout the novel with an intense thrill. The author has produced his master piece with his exemplary passion for writing. – Ejaz Ahmed, Article writer, Faisalabad Pakistan –

“The Unseen Face is quite exceptional and emotional work revolving around a man who has lost his love. The story focuses on the psychological aspects of the life after the death and feelings associated with them. The novel grips the readers with suspense and thrill with highly unexpected ending. The author has been new to the world of literature but his writing skills are up to the highest level of expertise. The Unseen Face is quite exceptional and emotional work revolving.” – Unknown review from Amazon –

“Not only is this well written, amazing descriptions (I could almost feel the wind blowing through me at times), unique story but the author also incorporates some aspects and alternative methods of psychology. Once I started reading I honestly couldn’t stop, I was sucked in by how realistic everything was. In a lot of psychological thrillers the author just makes things happen and expects the readers to accept it. As someone who studies and works in the field it can be very frustrating at times because things just simply don’t just happen, and the author gives you just enough hints and information that everything seems like it could happen in real life without ever giving anything away. I definitely would recommend this to anyone who wants to read something new.” – Unknown review from Barnes and Noble–

“I just finished reading “The Unseen Face” and to be honest I’m kind of speechless. As a someone who studies psychology and works in a hospital I find most psychological drama/thrillers to be dull and exceptionally predictable, however that is not the case here. From beginning to end I felt like I was right there with the main character, feeling what he felt, seeing what he saw because everything is so realistic. You are drawn in by the prologue thinking you might know what’s going only, only to have the twist blow your mind.” – Unknown review from Author Forum Magazine –

“From the very beginning I was swept away into James Maddox’s life and his frantic chase to discover what really happened to his one true love, with a twist at the end I didn’t see coming. The author does a wonderful job of drawing you into the web of the story, taking into account not only the character development, but the development of the environment as well as development of the society with its norms, pressures, and stigmas. Great read, I definitely recommend reading this. I know I’ll read it again.” – Unknown review from Goodreads –

By Joannes Rhino

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