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Web Content Writer Job Description
01 Sep

Web Content Writer Job Description

Writers can produce a wide variety of content for the Web, from articles and reviews to game scripts. Most Web content writers are self-employed and work as freelancers. They can often make their own schedules, but they may have to work odd hours to meet the demands of multiple clients. These writers also can have the added pressure of constantly searching for additional writing assignments.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), writing positions in general were expected to increase 3 percent between 2012 and 2022, which was slower than the growth expected for all jobs ( Web writers can expect competition, and those who can adapt quickly to new technologies will have an advantage in the job market. Many writers must also supplement their incomes with additional employment. The BLS reported that all types of writers and authors earned a yearly mean salary of $69,250 as of May 2013.

Web Content Writer Duties

Web content writers are expected to create work that is optimized for the Web. Common Web content writing practices include:

Succinct, fact-filled content

    An engaging, active tone

    Writing broken up by subheadings

    Use of bulleted lists

    Embedded links throughout the text

Due to the digital nature of the work, Web content writers are often required to know basic design fundamentals and be familiar with digital content management systems. They are also expected to communicate effectively with clients, meet strict deadlines, follow their clients’ editorial guidelines and, if they are freelance writers, manage their own time. Freelance Web content writers purchase their own computer and writing equipment to facilitate their digital work environment.

Web Content Writer Requirements

Although many writing techniques are unique to online content writing, a thorough knowledge of standard writing practices is necessary for Web content writers. Bachelor’s degree programs in journalism, English and other mass communication disciplines can fulfill the educational requirements for Web content writers. These programs can focus on grammar, editorial writing, magazine writing and ethics, and can often include digital media course options. Specialized certificate programs in electronic writing and digital media production focus on Web content. Applicable master’s degree programs contain advanced coursework on professional writing, electronic media, journalism and other tech-friendly writing disciplines.

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