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Tough Mudder is Coming to Bali!
28 Jul

For the first time, thousands of people from all over Asia will gather in Bali and face the ultimate test of physical strength, teamwork stamina and mental grit when worldwide phenomenon Tough Mudder makes its debut in Asia from  1st – 2nd October, 2016. Founded in 2010 and known as “probably the toughest event on the planet” Tough Mudder is the 16 – 20 kilometer obstacle course that challenges participants to work as a team and overcome both physical and mental obstacles as a team while taking part in an extreme endurance event.

Taking place within the idyllic Jimbaran region in the South of Bali this event will be one of the most picturesque and iconic locations Tough Mudder has ever visited, although the course will be no less challenging. The 16 kilometer course will feature Tough Mudder’s best-in-class obstacles that emphasize teamwork and camaraderie and will test physical and mental strength.

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