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Splash Up Your Culinary Journey – Splash Bistro Restaurant
10 May

Splash Up Your Culinary Journey

Nestled against the shores of Kuta shoreline, right in the heart of Bali’s entertainment and shopping region, Hard Rock Hotel Bali is Asia’s first Hard Rock Hotel. Hard Rock’s design and concept focuses on providing full rock-star treatment. Like visual history, lodging walls are decorated with rock memorabilia and pictures, the same in the contemporary composed “tribute” rooms housed inside six accommodation wings set once more from Kuta’s shoreline.

Splash bistro is an excellent poolside eatery of Hard Rock Hotel. The interior is utilitarian with semi open kitchens in perspective and a bar off to the side. The whole venue is practically outside, and the feasting range confronts the pool. Servers will tend to you from the pool loungers, which gives it a quite fresh and loose vibe. Its white and blue interior decoration, which easily blends with the pool.

As for the food, they have The Rock Tower as the appetizer. This triple-decked-dish has three layers of smash hits tidbits. The top includes wholesome nachos, wild ox chicken wing on the center, and the base with crunchy egg rolls. The Rock Tower is presented with guacamole and mango-stew plunge. It fills in as a poolside nibble and as an incredible hors d’oeuvre.

Caesar Salad is also perfect to satisfy your hunger. With fresh romaine lettuce prepared in velvety garlic dressing, this dish is blended with avocado, Parmesan cheddar, garlic bread garnishes and barbecued chicken. Splash bistro’s Signature Cheeseburger is a 100% ground Black Angus hamburger, patty sandwiched by mammoth sesame buns presented with magnificent French fries. I am a big fan of pizza, so I also tasted their signature Prawn Sambal Pizza. Splash pizzas are made in wood-let go stoves. They’re just fabulous!

Alternatively, you can consider The Flambe, which consists of Australian Lamb Chop, Dianne Steak, and Double Chicken Steak. Or, try their 450g Bali Baby Lobster; it is flawlessly barbecued and accompanied a liberal aiding of herbed spread which is dependably a smart thought to slather on anything in totally unreasonable sums. You can never have an excessive amount of herbed spread on your lobster. The dish additionally accompanied a side of flame broiled vegetables and some French fries.

Next up, it’s time for the sweets. Order the sublime Oreo Cheesecake. It is significantly striking with its fresh, velvety composition and Oreo outside layer. It was something you simply need to attempt in case you are cheesecake lovers.

To complete the dining experience, Midori Berry Rita is on the top of the list; a colossal glass of tequila, Midori, raspberry syrup, margarita blend and cranberry juice. Or, Double Berry Cooler; a mocktail with cranberry juice, raspberry syrup, harsh blend, and lime pop.

All things considered, Splash is a magnificent decision inside the Hard Rock Hotel, particularly on the off chance that you anticipate chilling by their huge pool. I felt like ”diving in the pool full of flavors”, which enticed me entirely.