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Smile for your Buns
28 Dec

Moving its venue to the new hype centre in the Lower Ground of Lippo Mall Kuta, Kukusan Steamed Buns is an alternative place to go for its fluffy and light steamed buns alongside quick bites of Asian street food. The steamed buns come in many innovative fusion fillings, such as Chinese BBQ Marinated Chicken, Seared Fish, Korean Style Spicy Chicken and Beef Rendang. They are also served with caramelised pineapple or banana with whipped cream, making it so stylish for the camera.

If you are not into buns, you may want to lay your fingers on other distinguished Asian flavours, starting with Citrus Prawn Salad, Thai Fried Rice, Chicken Rice Burger, Japanese Ramen, Spicy Korean Ramen, and Singaporean Fried Noodles. Also don’t forget to taste a small bite inspired by Asian street food like Yakitori, Vegetarian Gyoza, and Thai Fried Spring Rolls.

On the drinks side, they created the fresh Rantang drinks that are uniquely served in tiffin carrier or tin container to keep them cool. It comes in a simple refreshing selection of flavours, like Lychee, Tropical Fruit and Citrus Gang.

Credit to Kukusan Steamed Buns

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