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Savor every mouth – Republik 45
03 May

Savor every mouth

Longing for an authentic, world-class Indonesian restaurant?A beautiful lounge setting restaurant, Republik 45, takes the Indonesian cuisine to the elevated level.This diner serves up an inspired menu of home-style selection with a casual elegance, offering a rich menu that is known for its flavor and history, presenting a combination of recipes that are passed down from generations to generations.It is an ideal place to taste the exotic flavors and recipes of Indonesian archipelago.

The food reveals its authentic origins and offers the right interpretation of the dishes. I was spoilt for choice. There were menus showcasing flavors of particular region and also individual dishes from the a la carte menu. Their sharing style signature dish ‘Megibung’ is recommended for those who want to experience the ancient Balinese family dining. The food I am going to list down is ‘finger licking’ good! It really gave me ‘A Kick in the Mouth’.

Starting up with BebekGoreng Bali which was stuffed with local spices, steamed and then deep fried. The duck became so soft that I could even chewed the bones. The perfect dish to serve side by side with this is AyamTaliwang. At first glance, the chicken looked almost like the common grilled or fried chicken, simply covered with a spicy relish. Only after tasting it can we discern the difference. The meat was well done and very soft in texture. It tasted hot and deeply piquant. This dish was one of the considerations culinary connoisseurs to order. I also got the chance to try IkanBumbuKuning. The fish was soft, with herbs seeped into the meat, mixing with the yellow sauce of fresh turmeric and lemongrass.

The meal danced across my palate with a symphony of flavors. I guess the best quote I can describe for this culinary journey is “Food is like music; every ingredient is a powerful note.” I believe each player on the staff is a member of the talented orchestra that brings this symphony to life, making Republik 45 feel sophisticated while still keeping the authenticity of Indonesian dish.


Republik 45

Jalan Raya Kerobokan No 86A, North Kuta, Badung Regency


Joannes Rhino – Bali Writer