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06 Nov

Announcing Salazón, Seminyak’s newest industrial-chic restaurant and bar with an emphasis on wood-fired, cured, smoked and grilled meats and fish. The design is spectacular and would be equally at home in New York, Paris or Sydney. The restaurant’s name refers to the method of salt curing and the various dry-ageing, pickling and fermenting processes on display add to the visual and sensory allure of this unique addition to the lunch and dinner landscape of Bali. Salazón is the first installment of En Vie Lane, a new lifestyle quarter opening in the heart of Seminyak and home to a number of diverse venues offering fabulous options for dining, sipping, leisure and entertainment.

Everything served in the restaurant is made on-site; the dry-aged meats, the charcuterie, even the sourdough bread and the butter served with it. The expert team at Salazón produces vinegars, tomato sauces and relishes, chili sauces, ice cream and pastries. Executive Chef Paul Lewis (Australian) plans his menu well ahead with the dry-aging and pickling processes being different in length and process for cold cuts through to duck, fish, pigeon, chicken, pork and beef. Spanish mackerel is dry-aged for 9 days, with a subtle and delicious result lacking any strong fishy flavor. Favorite dishes include the Chopped Tuna – dry-aged loin, cheek and belly, which are then smoked and served with tattie scone and sea urchin; dry-aged Beef Tartare – 4 different cuts of beef, infused with cured beef fat, salt, pepper, chives and then served with eggplant crème, pickles and seaweed crackers; the Chorizo Sanga – 30-day dry-aged chorizo, brioche, homemade tomato sauce and fennel relish; or the ever-popular suckling pig. Everything from starters through to desserts can be shared or enjoyed solo.