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04 Jan

A professional press release writer knows how to format the damn thing correctly, which is the hardest part. Well, at least the second hardest part, since coming up with a catchy headline isn’t as easy as you’d think. Press releases should be written from a semi-objective viewpoint, so that journalists can copy/paste it into their articles and blogs.

There are all kinds of ridiculously insane prices listed online for press release writing. You can find somebody on Freelancer to write either for less than $15, or you could pay $2,500 with a fancy online PR agency. Obviously, Sethlestath Writing Services somewhere in the middle. We charge a flat rate of $150 per press release, which includes writing and editing.

Website content can be fairly tricky to write and format in a way that resonates with both readers and search engines. Chances are, if you’re reading this right now it’s because you found my website via search engine – this wasn’t by accident on my part, it was by hard work.