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Adis Silver
05 Oct

My Journey as a Self-Made Business Owner

Back in 2000, at thirty-years-old, I began a new adventure. I took a leap of faith—I believed in myself, and in the vision of my dreams. I love wearing quality and unique jewelry, not just for myself, but for everyone. Jewelry is a way to express ones self, and adds style and elegance to everyday clothing. That is in part what led me to create my own unique jewelry. My husband is also in the field as a technical jeweler. We came up with the idea to create our own workshop someday, in order to work together, and master jewelry making from initial concept, design, and manufacturing.

Soon after our idea took form, I launched CV. Adis Silver, which has become a thriving and in-demand, custom-made jewelry company. I knew without a doubt that I would turn my dreams into my reality, which gave me the stamina to work day and night towards my success. Prior to starting my company, my studies included Tourism Management in Prapanca, Secretarial Management in Minerva, Import and Export in IBMT, and Tax Brevet. All of my studies, in diverse fields, prepared me for success when I took a chance and launched my company.

I started Adis from nothing—I had no customers and zero capitol. I had only traditional tools, one craftsman, and an extremely small rental space to create my designs. I grew the company by setting measurable targets and attaining them. I worked hard—every single day—and never lost the focus of my next goal and overall vision. Passion and persistence fueled my journey, along with the support of my mentor—my husband. He not only supported me, but also helped me through any technical difficulties. I am so grateful for his steadfast belief in my talent, and in the potential of the business that I had envisioned.

I started as a retailer and wholesaler for my designs, with showrooms in Legian and Seminyak. Our motto was simply, ‘Are You Looking for Something Different?’. When customers came into the showroom they saw that, indeed, my designs were bold, and different from other jewelers. My customer base grew quickly, with customers from Japan, Sweden, Germany, France, Hawaii and America. I participated in the Indonesia Good Design Selection in 2002. Also, my designs were featured in several magazine advertisements placed by my customers such as, Femina-Helsingborg, Sweden in 2003, and the Lapidary Journal in 2005.

Adis was built on a strong foundation of integrity, quality, and an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction, and still operates that way today. Nothing pleases me more than when my customers trust me with their business, and trust my loyalty and ability to deliver. I do my best to ensure each customer interaction ends with a happy and pleasurable transaction. In return for their satisfaction, I gain re-orders and their future business. My reputation, and thus word-of-mouth business, is an immeasurable asset. This is the only way to sustain growth and profitability, and to ensure my journey will continue far into the future.

For me, creating Adis was never about notoriety or fame, and I believe that is a part of the reason for the company’s success. I stayed behind the scenes while creating the Adis name, connecting with different distributors, and networking all around the world. It was never about me, I was simply doing what I love, and what I am passionate about. Designing jewelry is my calling and what brings me joy and fulfillment. I am blessed to have found my purpose—something not everyone can recognize—and to be living that purpose with intention and determination, and most of all, authenticity. I created a brand and did not focus on myself, but rather on creating trust in my work through honesty, quality, customer service, and integrity. When a customer sees their piece for the first time, and looks at it with awe, I am filled with appreciation and gratitude. It is truly a gift for me to see a woman wear one of my designs with pride. We both receive a treasure—them with their exquisite new piece, and me with my heart filled with satisfaction and love.

I am happy to say that Adis Silver now employs 45 team members! That is 45 jobs that my dream created. The Adis team is composed of highly qualified, talented, creative, and reliable individuals, and we strive to provide a comfortable work space for all of our craftsmen to learn and grow. We wouldn’t be where we are now without each and every person on our team. We have a much bigger work space, top of the line tools, and upgraded equipment. My production capacity, with a variety of styles, can reach over 10,000 pieces per year. I am an artisan for PT. Karya Tangan Indah (The John Hardy Collection), and specialize in the highly complex and technically challenging pieces. I was honored when John himself asked me to join the team because of my expertise and reputation. I am beyond proud of Adis, and of my team, and cannot wait to see what the future holds.

I hope my journey is a testament to other entrepreneurs out there, that success is a choice, just as failure and complacency is a choice. Hard work, determination, focused goals, and a support system is all you need to begin your own success story. Always follow your instincts and work from a place of authenticity, positivity, and love. Surround yourself with trusted people. Treat others, especially your team members and employees, with respect and kindness. Never lose sight of what is important—money should never top the list above all else, the money follows the hard work, the passion, and the intention. I’ve learned so much in the past 15 years, had ups and downs, success along with some failure, and I am grateful for each and every experience along the way.


  • Prapanca Tourism Management
  • Minerva Secretarial Management
  • IBMT Import and Export
  • Tax Brevet


  • Sea World, Hawaii
  • Participated in the Indonesia Good Design Selection in 2002
  • Designs featured in Femina magazine-Helsingborg, Sweden in 2003
  • Lapidary Journal in 2005
  • The John Hardy Collection

Company visions:

  • Creating jobs for craftsmen
  • Creating reliable craftsmen
  • Creating creative craftsmen
  • Creating a comfortable workplace

Company missions:

  • To make a nice, high quality jewelry crafts
  • To satisfy customer needs
  • To make silver jewelry as a second option after gold


  1. Adis Silver

Emai: info@adissilver.asia