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Mie Tarik live in action
29 Jan

Inside a tropical hideaway of the charming ambience of the Anvaya Beach Resort, Sands is blessed with the best view of Indian Ocean. The beachfront setting of Sands features extraordinary sunset views with engaging sound of waves, adding the list of romantic places to dine in Bali. Along with the comfort of luxury accommodation inside the beach resort, this is a perfect place for those who want to engage their taste buds and satisfy their soul with some delightful Balinese influenced by Mediterranean and Californian cuisine on offer.

The signature dish is featuring Mie Tarik, one of the famous Chinese-Indonesian cuisines. The noodle is thick and sticky, which is much better and textured than dried instant noodle. It tastes very good, especially when you mix a lot of lemon inside. The texture of the noodles is just like Udon. At Sands, you can get the opportunity to see the pull-and-stretch process of making Mie Tarik.

Credit to The Anvaya Beach Resort

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