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16 Apr

Inaya Putri Bali Resort Unveils The Ocean Front Bar Longue

Enchanted with the crisp velvety sky of the evening and fragrant tropical foliage, connoisseurs gathered for a fine evening of wine tasting to celebrate the newly-opened Bar Lounge with selections of the world’s best wine. This prestigious event was held as a part of the soft-opening sequence of InayaPutri Bali. This sunset venue is perfect for those who seek to enter the world of libation while enjoying the dramatic dusk of Nusa Dua Beach. Choices of international beers, along with artistry drinks such as sparkling cocktails, spirits, and boutique wines are served, complemented with an Asian tapas menu.


INAYA Putri Bali

KawasanWisata Nusa Dua, Lot S3, Bali – Indonesia

Phone    : 0361 – 774488

Email      : danti.yuliandari@inayahotels.com

Website: www.inayahotels.com

Joannes Rhino – Bali Writer