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09 Jan

Freestyle Mode on the Raft

Having done rafting in high school, I thought that I had experienced everything, but it wasn’t until my experience with Bali Adventure Tours did I really understand what rafting was all about! This adventure company has been the talk of the town for decades; whilst white water rafting is an exhilarating experience knowing I was in good hands kept me calm and collected!

As the rising sun threw its rays down onto Bali, I began my exhilarating adventure. Having trekked down to the river, hand on the rails lining the engineered steps that snake through the scenic landscape – The Ayung River is itself spectacular – I reached my safe access to the raft. Fitted in my life jacket, the helpful guides told me exactly what to do. Slipping into the Avon raft with its hand ropes and foot holds, it was finally time for me to grab my oars. Feeling fully secure with the company’s safety procedures, I was pumped up for my water experience.

The adventure begins upon launching into the 9.6 kilometer river stretch; navigating through a backdrop of solid rainforest and towering gorges you are plunged deep into heart of Balinese nature. From time to time, openings of magnificent rice paddy terraces come into view. All of a sudden, along come the rapids. Really this is what I’m here for, as I push through fast flowing water and jump down mini-waterfalls in an exciting attempt to stay afloat and battle nature. Usually class II and III, during the rainy season (November – March) the rapids can reach class IV. The guides are incredibly helpful, telling you when to paddle, brace, and prepare for a drop; it would be impossible to tackle the 33 sets of rapids without them.

Before you know it, my 2 hours of fun are up! Although, my consolation is a refreshing, warm shower in Bali Adventure Tours’ second base camp down river, followed by a gourmet buffet lunch to stock up on those used up calories. The restaurant looks over the mighty Ayung River, with its lush, green banks and jagged gorge. As I sit and reflect on my morning I think to myself, “it is true, indeed! The song of the river ends not at her banks, but in the hearts of those who have loved her.”

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