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Firm SEO Strategies for Higher Page Ranking
01 Jun

Firm SEO Strategies for Higher Page Ranking

Just as the business of a law firm is different from other businesses, its online marketing strategy has to be different too. You cannot use generic SEO approaches for the SEO for a law firm. Webslaw understands this logic very well. That is why it prepares SEO strategies for each one of its clients. By understanding our client’s area of expertise, we create an online marketing plan. Its aim is to draw web users’ attention to the client’s website so that they seek their services.


SEO has changed and is evolving

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is no longer about link building only. With the rise of the number of company websites, the competition has become stricter. How can you make your website different from another law firm’s website? The task becomes even tougher if the other law firm specializes in the same areas as you do.

The only way to success is by understanding the behavior of the current web user. What keywords do they use when looking for legal services? Are they now more inclined to use long-tailed keywords? How many of the users are logged in from a smartphone? By gathering answers to the above-mentioned questions and many others, we are able to identify your target audience and work towards attracting their attention.

Devising online marketing plans for law firms is our field of expertise. As we work, we also come across and discover new tactics that help us become more proficient. Hence, through us, you can give your website the boost of the most effective SEO campaign.


Black Hat SEO – A big NO

We are not into shortcuts when it comes to SEO. True, who does not like shortcuts to success, but shortcuts for SEO are full of risks. The gravest one is blacklisting practiced by Google wherein it restricts a website from appearing in search results. We do not want your website to suffer such a fate and that is why Webslaw supports only White Hat SEO.


White Hat SEO – Keeping in consideration Google’s 200 website ranking factors

You might wonder why the focus is on Google only when there are many other search engines as well. It is so because Google is most widely used. Hence, we start with focusing on Google, as being successful on this search engine would mean being visible to a large chunk of online web searchers. In this regard, we take into account the 200 website ranking factors that Google uses. Roughly, these factors focus on the web searcher – what he wants, how he frames his queries, which answers (websites) he prefers, etc. Now, when he clicks ‘search’, websites that fit his requirements are presented to him as search results. The ones that get most number of clicks become more prominent.

Of course, as it is just a rough estimation, the 200 factors include many other criteria that rank websites. Our job is to make efforts to make your website meet a majority of these factors through on-page/off-page SEO, link building, Pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, social media presence, blog, etc.

Many of the clients wish to know the duration within which they would see results. Truthfully, white hat SEO takes time to show spectacular results but with our efforts, most of our clients are able to see steady improvements in their website traffic. Our aim is to make your law firm earn the goodwill of the online community, which will automatically bring in more clients.


So which areas of your website are we going to tweak?

You must already have a website but the problem is that it is not attracting as much traffic as it should. For making your website friendlier to the web searcher, we will make changes in the following areas:

  • Content: It should be engaging and should be able to prove to the visitor that your law firm is best. We will create relevant content for static pages by using most popular keywords. With our regular blog entries, search engines will know that your website is ‘active’. Our writers and editors are experts in legal writing and their experience in this domain lets them write content in style that is expected from a legal professional. We will also post photos, videos, and presentations to back up our written content.
  • Catchy title tags: Title and short description of a webpage is called a title tag. These tags quickly attract attention of the web searcher. By putting relevant keywords in plain language, we will convey to the searcher that your webpage has most beneficial information. Through such title tags, it is possible to bring in visitors having a chance of conversion rate of 90%.
  • Good page speed: Even with the best content, a website would fail to get visitors if it does not open properly. Websites that take more than 5 seconds to load are deeply abhorred by web searchers, as it wastes their time. Google, too, refrains from showing such websites. Our job will be to speed up the page speed. We will work on several areas including HTML to text ratio and image compression.
  • Smooth internal links: Internal links connect one webpage of a website with another one. If your website has navigation problem, the visitor will not be able to explore the tabs or fill up the Contact Us form. Certainly, it is a grave issue. We will streamline all the internal links and format them. Apart from helping the visitor find information easily, smooth internal links also facilitate easy navigation of search engine spiders when they follow keywords.
  • Mobile friendliness: All our clients have responsive websites. Hence, whenever a prospective client opens their website on his smartphone or tablet, he views the website with ease. Today, a large number of people spend time on their smartphones. They do not wish to go to the trouble of switching on their desktops/laptops. In such a situation, if they wish to check out your website on their smartphones because one of their friends recommended your firm’s name, they would be disappointed to find a website with non-working tabs and bad scroll function. We will not let such a disappointment take place. Our web developers will create a mobile friendly version so that you do not lose a single prospective client.

Joannes Rhino – Freelance Bali Writer