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Escape, Relax, Rejuvenate and Be Happy
22 May

Escape, Relax, Rejuvenate and Be Happy

April finds us impatient for the holiday season, dreaming of summer vacations at the beach, and escape. For me, going on an excursion is the best way to remove that tiresome hustle and bustle of a routine life. Thankfully, I live in a place that is never far from peace, calm and tranquility. So, when I’m seeking a bit of peace and quiet, nothing gives me more relief than a quick Bali escape to Jimbaran!

Some say “Life is stressful,” and therefore staying at the rejuvenate villa is a way to reduce stress from your body muscles and mind. However, no matter how perfect the villa you are staying, it will be useless unless you keep positive attitudes during your holiday. Let’s start by being grateful.

By staying at the villa, you keep your privacy with you, means that you can relaxed by the pool with your partner, creating intimacy without anyone care. Take your partner to walk around the villa, find the best spot towards the ocean perfect for watching the sunset over the horizonand simply embrace the view around you. As for me, I prefer to take my lover to the hidden beach, Tegal Wangi Beach, which happen to be in the neighborhood. You can walk along the beach as the last rays of the day’s sunshine disappear into the horizon.

After cleaning yourself back in the villa, take your partner to the most romantic dinnerexperience at Jimbaran Beach. Dine and relax with your bare feet, feel the soft white sand as you and your lover enjoy the calming sounds of the ocean caressing the shore. Finally, to end the day, you need to rejuvenate your fatigued body by having treatment in the privacy of your own rejuvenate villa. Keep in mind to wake up in the morning to experience the unique healing yoga that will show you the way to the eternal bliss.

As a quote says, “Imagination will often carry us to the worlds that never were. But without it, we go nowhere.” Never limit your imagination while you are on your holiday. We all deserve a life changing treat.

Joannes Rhino – Bali Writer