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De KlumpuBali
16 Nov

A home among the Green Field

De KlumpuBali will let you experience the luxury of Bali’s natural resources through the exquisiteness of amenities, food and breathtaking scenery. Discovering Indonesian native culture and environment while relaxing is definitely the most rewarding treat that you can give to yourself and your loved ones. There are a lot of benefits that you can get from nature that technology and city life cannot provide, especially on your weary body. If you are looking for a perfect place that can give you extreme rejuvenation, it’s got to be a place where divine tranquility resides. A place where the green field grow.A place where a lot of excitement and adventure awaits.

De KlumpuBali has a lot to offer,not only for physical and intellectual value but also for your eyes and tummy.The pleasure starts from the moment you step in to the parking lot and ends the moment you decide to let go of the beautiful memories that this place has brought to your life. We will introduce you to the very refined Bali architecture and internal designs. We will serve the most scrumptious and unique meals you are always craving for. Most especially we will let you experience the humble and healthy country life.

A place to blend with the true nature

A soothing accommodation is what we always look after to in order to enjoy our stay and give ourselves the most relaxing atmosphere we needed for our great vacation. A good housing must have outstanding facilities that everyone would enjoy during their stay. De KlumpuBali will certainly fulfill your desires by providing you the most welcoming suite that inspired by Balinese structural design. The building uses wood for most of its part and foundation, while the roof is made from hay. This construction is definitely eco-friendly because it will not require electricity to achieve cooler surroundings. All you need to do is to relax and let nature deliver you the pleasure. Take a quick tour and be seduced by their lovely collection of furniture and amenities. Be greeted with the inviting ground floor setting where the creative massage beds and chairs wait for your tired body. An attractivegarden view will certainly add a therapeutic essence. Take a graceful step up to the next floor where the spacious veranda lurks and holds the most artistic rattan set where you can enjoy your break overlooking the spectacular view of the green and golden fields. Wait until you turn your back and see the simple yet ingenious couch, bed, wardrobe and carpets. Move further and discover the absolute perfection lay on the calming comfort of bathroom. No need further lighting due to the open window ceiling will give you a reassuring sensation as you lay on the bathtub and watch the clear blue sky during the day and the stars at night. The bricks and the variety of stone combination will make you feel like cleansing yourself with the nature. Heavenly sense will not be complete until you walk further up to the attic where you can spend your romantic night on this queen size bed with a little glimpse of the outside surroundings.

Spark your culinary journey

If you were very much delighted with our luxurious facilities, it’s time to give comfort to your stomach. It’s Padi Restaurant’s turn to show you the outmost culinary skills in preparing delectable Indonesian dishes you can only eat with excessive appetite here in De KlumpuBali. This committed restaurant is also proud to serve you with continental concept. You will definitely appreciate the wide selection of food due to the different cuisine combination from various countries. You are guaranteed to consume the most fresh and healthy meal due to its reliable sources. The restaurant uses organic food ingredients and doesn’t use MSG. Make your meal more enjoyable with our complete selection of wine, beverages and coffee. There’s nothing more gratifying than making your stomach full while viewing the highest active mountain of Mount Agung.

Your memorable experiences

After that excessive food intake, it’s time to burn those calories away by engaging yourself to De KlumpuBali’s exciting and informational activities. A meaningful vacation should not only involve pleasures. It would be more memorable if you try interesting opportunities offered in every place. Consider this D’Umah Bali Cooking Class where you can familiarize yourself with the native herbs, spices and other useful ingredients that makeour food delicious and nutritious. Learning their cooking techniques will be more fun with the help of our friendly instructor. Another beneficial activity that you need to look after to is the trekking adventure. Balinese village offers you the most appealing environment to explore during your vacation. You will definitely enjoy the lovely surroundings on your way to the Undisan village. You will be greeted with exceptional landscapes and fields inhabited by colorful flora and fauna and most of all, the friendly locals. Cycling aroundBangli is highly recommended if you don’t want to miss the amazing scenery of rice fields, plantations, water reservoir and the hills, while breathing in fresh air.

Experience Bali’s country life with learning and excitement. There is so much to acquire about our authentic culture that will enlighten you and broaden your knowledge and skills. Traditional farming is the very wealth of rural life in Bali. You can watch the locals with their crops and enjoy their great accompany. You will love the spectacular view of the rice fields while getting involve on the customary farming techniques. Getting yourself filthy is not a problem for you can take a refreshing wash by the streams like the locals. Have a taste of their home made food and drinks. Witness their creativeness while listening to their local stories and hymns.

Make every second counts

De KlumpuBali offers a complete package of absolute relaxation, comfort and adventure that you always want to experience during holidays. It’s not enough to live on to your imagination only. You deserve a life changing treat like this. So get yourself set and initiate your booking now.