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The Art of Cooking
01 Sep

Taking a cooking class as an indoor activity is sometimes easy to do. You just have to know where to look. Look around the area where you’re staying at and you might be surprised there’s one going on right now. We don’t always have to go outside for fun and adventure. Cooking is an adventure of its own. A very rewarding one at that.

What is it about learning a new cuisine? To go to a different country and taste the local herbs and spices. How do you not fall in love with every morsel of food that you created? Where did the food originate from, and why? What foods are made for holidays, for special events, or for veneration. A cooking class is where you’ll find the answers.

How does someone express the uniqueness of a cooking class? How can one share what is learned or the flavours that were tasted?There’s no way of explaining it. You have to experience it yourself. A cooking class is an experience of great satisfaction and self-gratification. Especially when you’re looking for something to do indoors. The weather turns and you feel restless.There’s so much to do. But what?

When you take a cooking class that offers local or exotic cuisines, you learn the local customs, foods, and traditions of where your visiting. You experience culture from a gastronomic point of view. There’s so much history embedded within each meal you cook. What influences those meals? Is it the uniqueness of flavour? Maybe, it’s how it is done traditional and it has its own special meanings.

Each spice has a story, each herb has a fragrance and when combined with meats and vegetables they turn into a medley of culture and history. Each bite becomes a memory of something you created. For every time you create that dish it is something you will remember forever.

Each dish you create is a testament to the oral history of the cook. Why do sweets and savoury flavours combine into an explosion of tastes? When you pick the ingredients you look for freshness by raking each item in your hands, bringing them to your nose for analysis. As you cut the ingredients your planting your flavour to the meal. When you combine the ingredients and cook them your giving life to a meal.

A cooking class helps you understand why you need to cook healthy dishes. It gives your meals a new meaning to the word food. You are what you eat.

When the dish is ready to serve, your excitement doubles because you’re going to share it. You are now giving a part of you to someone else. As they take their first bite you can almost feel their reaction. That smile, the kind words, the empty plate are a vindication to your prowess as a chef. The second rhea ask for seconds is a climax of joy and excitement. A testament that you learned a new dish, you are a creator of something magical, food.

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