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30 Mar

Calming, balancing, soothing and stress-relieving from Sensatia Botanicals

Made by hand from the finest raw materials known to the botanical world, Sensatia Botanicals only develop & produce 100% safe & natural, wholesome & organic products. They use natural preservatives and maximize the natural resources especially about the essential oils.Trademarked in more than 40 countries, with over 200 BPOM product registrations, Sensatia Botanicals is proud to be Bali’s first &only GMP Certified Cosmetic Company.

Meditation Sea Salt Basics (pic 1)

Meditation Sea Salt Basics includes a powdered “bath bomb” mixture of baking soda (to soothe and neutralize itchy skin), corn starch (to absorb perspiration), citric acid (for its antioxidant properties), French clay (to draw out toxins), and African Shea butter (to protect, moisturize and increase skin’s elasticity). Earthy-sweet, herbally-grounding designed to induce bliss.

After-Sun Dream Cream (pic 4)

Sensatia’s After-Sun Dream Cream uses only the finest, most healing, raw materials under the sun. You can use it even if you haven’t been exposed to wind, sea, sand or sun. After-Sun Dream Cream is an essential moisturizer for active people who never stop Dreaming!

Aromatic Bath Kit Relaxation Blend (pic 3)

Sensatia Leisure Relaxation Aromatic Bath Kit is a delightful, herbally-fresh, flowery-sweet, citrus blend of mandarin peel, lavender bud, marjoram, geranium, patchouli & chamomile essential oils.A perfect package to take with you wherever your travels may take you.

Sea & Surf Sunscreen (pic 2)

Sensatia Leisure’s Sea & Surf Sunscreen is a lightweight, creamy sunscreen that has been tried and tested in the harshest conditions of the beating equatorial sun and pounding surf of the Indian Ocean. While not a 100% natural product, it is indeed 100% effective in protecting you against UVA/UVB radiation.

Sensatia Botanicals

Bali Collection Nusa Dua – Unit A3 #12B

ITDC Tourism Complex Nusa Dua

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Joannes Rhino – Bali Writer