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28 Jul

I found out that most authors tend to jump into book marketing with mixed feelings and results. Being committed to the long, slow process of writing is so alien compared to the fast-paced, socially awkward, time-sensitive demands of promotion. This can be difficult and draining, as many authors know next to nothing about marketing can also prove a fruitless experience for the considerable effort expended.

What is the alternative? There are an endless number of promotion companies offering services to do the whole job for you. They provide Twitter blasts, tens or hundreds of thousands of Tweets about your book across a large number of accounts. However, the fact is, none of the Tweets are being read.

Other alternative available is boasting info to media contacts in the hundreds of thousands across the globe, hoping they will knock up a press release of your book and send to all of them. Now, ask yourself, do you think any of those journalists will suddenly change their mind when your book is sent among masses of others? Right, the chances are slim to none.

There are tons of things to promote your book. And, I have to say that none of them come in cheap. The only way a book can succeed is through effective marketing, and for this you have to have a budget to give yourself a fighting chance against the tide of new releases. Effective marketing has to be focused on readers that are eager to discover the type of book you have written. Well, it’s not easy to achieve. It takes a hell of a lot of work and money.

But, as yourself this, “Does it worth the efforts?” If you think it does, then go for it! As simple as that.