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Benkay Japanese Restaurant- Living to Eat Japanese Food
18 May

What’s the better approach to commend a lethargic Sunday than treating yourself to one of the lavish Sunday Brunches? Bali has a considerable amount decision of Sunday Brunches, however if you’re into Japanese sustenance’s, there are just a few of them here in Bali. Furthermore, Benkay Japanese at Grand Nikko Bali is exceedingly prescribed to those looking for bona fide Japanese sustenance.

Benkay Japanese Restaurant offers a contemporary atmosphere, overlooking the dazzling Indian Ocean. With five private areas showcasing a flawless accumulation of Japanese arts, the restaurant includes a Teppan-yaki counter, Nabemono, Shabu-Shabu and Yakiniku tables. A conventional ‘sand garden’ foyer decorated with a presentation of valuable onyx prompts a sushi and sashimi bar.

Venturing inside this chic Japanese Restaurant can be somewhat overpowering! Skillfully organized dishes, from sushi and sashimi to clams are shown on each counter. So the first thing to do is to glance around and catch every one of the dishes with your camera. Here, you actually could eat everything without exception you see around you. Furthermore, you would do well to attempt every one of them as we did. Something else that I like when going to a Japanese Restaurant is viewing the gourmet specialist cooking the nourishments. I think that it’s alluring. What’s more, the Japanese gourmet expert at Benkay is so pleasant and somewhat entertaining also, and that makes us significantly more invited. On the off chance that you happen to visit Benkay, keep in mind to bring a picture with the culinary expert. The staffs are certainly proficient. Five stars.

Supper at Benkay is an advanced culinary involvement with a choice of starters, mains, set menus and Teppan-yaki or Nabemono while as yet including untouched top picks that showcase Japanese food taking care of business. Pair your feast with a wide determination of Sakes, Shochus or fine wines from around the globe.

A variety of appetisers arrived first: Small Okra – salty, crunchy with a sticky covering. Burdoko – slender strings of bean sprouts and noodles and, sparing the best for last, Moved Egg Yolk – firm on outside, a sticky blast of yummy inside. Delicate, delightful and scrumptious.

Next was the shining ice dish of sashimi platter, which was mouth watering. It simply didn’t look great; it was outstandingly crisp and high-review fish. Pink salmon with only a clue of brilliant skin, crisp-sweet prawn, and fat red fish. A yum for sashimi lovers. A steaming bowl turns out to be a light fragrant juice loaded with infant mollusks still in their shells.

Then I waited eagerly for the Teppanyaki grill. It’s made up of Zucchini, eggplant, mushroom, pepper, minuscule mushrooms, child daikon – arranged with cherishing expertise; wonderful to watch a craftsman at work. It’s delightful; the thickness of the vegetables, expertly cut down the middle, at last they were immovably textured. Just superbly prepared and rich. I crunch joyfully and dunk in my favored bean stew sauce.

Next up was Seafood Teppanyaki – Filet of salmon goes on initially, trailed by two crisp prawns and two fat scallops. Salmon sizzles, the skin separates as prawns are expertly peeled with sharp edges before my eyes and cut to move like impeccable curl tails afresh. I was wondering that this was truly just for me? The prawns and scallops were succulent yet the salmon emerges, delicious and fat with skin, so firm it stands up independent from anyone else and breaks to the touch. That was the best Teppanyaki of my life.

As for the dessert, I had a Banana Flambé Pancake, a pancake flambéed with organic products. The floaty hotcake accompanies berries, flambéed banana frozen yogurt and a chocolate straw. Glad that I didn’t miss it. It was Yum!

I didn’t have any craving left for a drink after eating all these yummy dishes, however I can tell you that they have a broad wine menu with a decent scope of purpose. On the other hand, if you incline toward, they have ’99 methods for Martini.’ I might plan a trip again to taste it.

We cherished all that we see, particularly the staggering few of the swimming pool, the ocean, and the shore. It was so stunning that my friend said: “it resembled a one-day visit to heaven.” She cherished it as much as I did. I will surely recommend this place to everyone, particularly to those looking for bona fide Japanese nourishments; this is the place to be.

While coming back I heard someone saying that “Some people eat to live and some people live to eat”. It made me realise that it’s so true, especially after enjoying the delicious food at the Benkay Japanese Restaurant; I too can say that “I live to eat”. You will also say the same after tasting it.


Joannes Rhino – Bali Writer