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26 Jul

Being an author is not so easy but not impossible too. If we know what we want to do, there is always a way of doing that. It depends on will power and  dedication. There is always a reader in an author. As the time passes by, the reader inherits some basic characteristics. When someone starts thinking seriously upon whatever he or she reads, the analysis process takes place which inspire that particular reader to become a writer. Be it a book on random thoughts about political, social or religious issues, a novel or a short story book, every write up starts in this way.

Now you just think about yourself. Did you not become a writer like this? This article is about which type of writer you want to be.

“To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark.” – Victor Hugo

There is a difference of perspective between a reader and a writer. A reader always choose to read for fun, entertainment and learning but beyond reading for pleasure a writer reads about writing tricks, writing practices, writing habits too. Writing is a game where a writer plays with words. It needs practice, practice of reading and writing both. Why 90% people never get success? According to a study all successful people have one habit in common which is “Reading”. Majority of them read at least 1 book/week which is 52 books per year. Imagine where “Reading 100 books in a year” can take you.

Michael Bodekaer Jensen, an author says, “In terms of which book: It really depends on what you are working on right now and would like to improve.”

Miejie Gaye Miranda says that the Quality of your Life depends on the Quality of Books you’ve read. It’s amazing how many books we could actually read in a year if we would allot at least an hour of our time to personal growth & development. Here is a quote in “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George Clason – “To Attract Good Luck to Oneself, it is Necessary to Take Advantage of Opportunities.” 

So, you decide what type of writer you want to be. Dhaval Anadkat, an engineer, professor and thinker replied while asked whether one can be an author without a reading habit –

1) NO.. You can’t…..
For every Hunndred word you read, you can write A correct word…. Only if you want to be a good writer…

2)Yes You can…

If you just want to be a facebook status writer

Let me tell you that I was a writer by the passion for last three decades but became a published author of two books and co-authored two books with a small local publishing house in the current year, i.e., 2017.

This article is very useful for readers, writers and new authors irrespective of gender and age. There is always opportunities for readers to become a writer, a writer may become an author and an author may become a renowned or best seller or award winner but one must understand the process. To become a writer, a reader must possess analytical skills, passion for reading and time to write. It’s not so tough. Read whatever is your favorite, think upon that, make your own views, write those, analyze if your views are perfect, so modifications if required and finally write it. This may be your article or blog post, may be a theme for your first book. Isn’t it?

Now see what happens when someone writes a book, usually, he/she gets rejection letters from renowned publishers until unless he doesn’t want to pay a hefty amount for publishing. If you spend, they will make you bestseller within a fortnight.

Then, the author goes for self-publishing. Publishing is not an issue but the marketing is. “Words of mouth” is a great strategy. In my case, I distributed approx 200 free copies of my first independent work “Kathputli” and asked my facebook friends to read it and write a post or to make the cover page their profile pic for few days. To my surprise, hardly 20 friends came forward, only 4 or 5 of them posted reviews on goodreads, only 6-7 friends posted on Facebook, only 20 friends made their profile pic and most of them changed it that evening itself.

I started exploring ideas and created some wonderful strategies and Kathputli was a news in print media. I am of the opinion that in India, either people don’t care for a free gift or don’t try to understand an author’s ordeal. They want Hindi to grow but never get bothered to recognize author’s efforts. I don’t know what treatment an author gets in European countries but being a Hindi author is just like to finish the dream.

The key to success in an author’s literary journey is the continual improvement, exploring new ideas, finding new platforms and easier ways for publishing, the company of like minded people, the formation of mutual aid groups on social media, finding skills and interests of social media contacts ….. These are some inexpensive ways but one has to devote quality time to research and get in touch with right people.

I will definitely share my creative ideas, struggling experiences and more on available options for aspiring authors in my upcoming articles on my blog.

The inspiration behind this series is the struggle of new authors and demand from some fellow authors. The series will be about writer-ly suggestions and writer’s experience.

Stay tuned. Thank you.

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Author’s bio

The author is a management and engineering professional as well as an educationalist by qualification. He is best known for his impartial and analytical opinions on political, social and religious issues. So far he has published two short stories books “Kathputli” (Hindi language) and “Life In Shackles” (English language) which are available on Amazon and Kindle.

Prakash Vir Sharma