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31 Oct

Offering a refreshing combination of Peruvian–Asian gastronomy, this restaurant draws inspiration from the streets and is paired with visual stimulation and international beats. The interiors are done in an eclectic and surprising space that perfectly captures a vibrant, social street atmosphere. With a carefully curated selection of street artwork, AYA is both a restaurant and gallery and with many tactile surfaces and finishes, is a space that awakens all the senses. All artworks on the walls are for sale and there will be a rotation of pieces ensuring the collection is ever changing and surprising.

AYA’s open kitchen has a serene and relaxed atmosphere that juxtaposes with the vibrant art of the interior, with tiles made from recycled glass, melted and remolded to suggest fish scales that reflect the predominance of AYA’s signature raw fish dishes, or ceviche. The cooking hood is the same cool, green hue, created by tapping copper to create an intricate texture and finished with an acid rinse. The restaurant has prominent pillars throughout, covered in wood hand-carved by a whole village in Jepara (Java) whilst industrial copper light installations and a chain lamp constructed from motorcycle chains point to the hand carved gold nugget bar, where gorgeous, hand carved tiles in a Peruvian design lead towards the surprising bathrooms. The external signage is laser cut brass using a design by Indonesian street artist Gentusuria. All elements used to create the interiors were locally made in Indonesia.

The Chef brings his love of Peruvian street food alive with the addition of fresh, Balinese produce sourced from local growers that gives an Indonesian twist. The food is casual and designed to be shared and is served on eccentric, bespoke handmade ceramics gorgeously crafted specifically for Chef’s creations. The welcoming atmosphere extends to the chefs being more than happy to describe the dishes and their provenance and the open kitchen where the creation of all the dishes is on display for guests to enjoy.