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About Joannes Rhino

Joannes Rhino

Joannes Rhino was born in Indonesia in 1980.

He was educated at the local state school until graduation in 1998 and continued to study in Hospitality University. He was then employed by a financial company, where he began to receive many awards related with customer satisfaction. Having been working the same routine for years, he started to write a novel to kill the time. Finally, his first novel “Etzhara” was published by the biggest traditional publisher in Indonesia and made him one of the best young writers under thirty at Khatulistiwa Literary Award in 2009. Feeling confident with the writing skill he has, he published the second novel in the same year by another traditional publisher in Jakarta. He then began to receive many invitations to attend book signings, talk shows, radio interviews, and other literature activities. This second novel made him an overnight success.

Feeling secured in terms of financial and social life, he felt something was missing. The turning over point of his life had occurred when someone handed him a novel by Paulo CoelhoThe Alchemist” and a motivational book by Rhonda ByrneThe Secret”. Those books really changed his perspective about life, and that was when he decided to let go of the glamorous life of Jakarta and hit the road. He was 30 at the time. That year, he self-published a collection of poetry in the United Kingdom. This poetry collection was made during the most troublesome moments of his last 10 years of life, when dark clouds enveloped him. Anger, anxiety, emptiness, guilt and lost love coalesced into a single, unbearable emotion.

With all the savings he got from the previous job and book royalties, he traveled to Bali and worked for a timeshare company. Three months was all he needed to understand that it was not what he wanted. He then changed course to a publishing company as an Editor in Chief. As much as he loved dealing with words, his passion to see the world kept haunting him. Finally, he decided to travel to Australia and Thailand for 8 months. It was between 2011 and 2012 when he tried to fit in with a new life; working from farm to farm, hitchhiking from place to place, and volunteering from school to school. He went all around Australia and returned to Bali with tons of stories to tell.

During his journey in Australia, he had written two other novels and got rejected from several publishers in Indonesia. Therefore, he translated to English and self-published them with a USA publisher. This huge change made him an international author. However, this achievement did not stop him from pursuing his literature obsessively. He is now working freelance as a Bali Content Editor, Ghostwriter, Copywriter, Scriptwriter and Freelance Writer.

He is based in no place, as he is still in a search for a place to be called “home”.

Novels by Joannes Rhino :

The Unseen Face
2nd Edition


Etzhara Ketika Takdir Bicara

Falling From The Sky
Volume 1

The Unseen Face

As The Rest Come To My Heart

By Joannes Rhino

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