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20 Jan

Sometimes simple things can be extraordinary if you spend it with your loved one. Walking together with your lover at the Campuhan Ridge Walk is one of the examples. It allows you not just to enjoy cool fresh air and breathtaking hillside vista, but also helps you to burn off some calories. This nine kilometers walking trek is a perfect combination of romantic, exotic and refreshment – something that you need to level up the attachment with your lover. Located not far from central Ubud, this tropical area is surrounded by nothing but an undulating sea of green, covered in tall reed grass. It also provides heaps of meditation spots overlooking the gorgeous fields. The sun in Bali is intense these days, even in the morning or afternoon, so you may want to pull out an umbrella to your lover on rice paddy walks.Ignore other joggers/walkers around you, as when you are in love the whole world belongs to you both.


Joannes Rhino – Bali Writer