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08 Jan

Play your Part

In 1999, Puspadi was founded by Nengah Latra to assist persons with physical disabilities in Bali. The foundation now runs Bali’s wheelchair program and also manufacturer artificial legs in their workshop at the Annika Linden Centre. Having 20 staff and 80% have a physical disability, Puspadi works with over 3,500 clients up to this day and take on a new 650 clients every year.

Once they find a person with physical disabilities, their rehabilitation unit swings into action. They get them the medical treatment or surgery they require, then get them mobile with either a leg or a wheelchair.  If a child, they liaise with local schools to get the child into school. This often means building a wheelchair ramp at the school and organizing for a special desk a wheelchair can fit under. If an adult, they will try to get them into the workforce by connecting them with a recruitment agency for persons with disabilities. Every year they run a three-month training program aimed at helping them into the workforce, giving them the best chance they can to take their place in society as productive citizens.

Their Director, Nengah Latra, promises to continue to locate persons with disabilities as there are still too many out there. “These people deserve to have equal rights and to be able to participate fully in society.” Nengah Latra will continue to work closely with both the Bali and Indonesian Governments to advocate for persons with disabilities.

Inspirasia are Puspadi’s major donor, providing their beautiful workplace in Annika Linden Centre and funding many of the programs. They are also supported by United Cerebral Palsy who provide Puspadi Bali with around 400 top quality wheelchairs a year for the clients.

As solid as the organisation, they are facing two major challenges. One is locating persons with disabilities as many persons with disabilities are hidden away. They have four field workers who spend four days a week searching these unfortunate people in the remote villages. However, there are still thousands of people out there who need help and to be found.

Secondly, changing the long held belief that a disability is a punishment from God is something their Director is working hard on. He is the leading Advocator for persons with disabilities in Bali and has successfully lead the drive to have the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities implemented in Bali. The PERDA (local law) needed to allow this has now been signed by the Bali Government and they hope will lead to monies being budgeted each year to assist all persons with disabilities.

Last year Puspadi Bali managed to conduct 3281 home visits. A further 2824 clients were treated at Puspadi’s workplace, 1114 clients were treated by phone, 330 artificial legs and orthotics were made and 207 repaired. 309 wheelchairs were distributed.

Puspadi Bali has been named by the Balinese Government as Bali’s Number 1 Yayasan 2014 and last year was named by the Indonesian Government as one of The Top 15 Yayasan’s in Indonesia 2014. Puspadi Bali is the first Bali Yayasan to be awarded a Tri Hita Karana Award, a Gold Medal.


Annika Linden Centre, JalanBakung No19, Tohpati,

DesaKesimanKertalangu, Denpasar Timur, Bali, 80237

P + 62 361 464 537