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05 Jan

It is difficult to get bored with Bali. There is always something new to enjoy in this spectacular place. This time, I made up mind to enjoy the beauty of the region from the lap of luxury. I feel Bali is one of those few places whose experience becomes better with luxury. Talking about big and beautiful, here are the villas I have in mind.

A Modern Delight – Villa Casa Mateo

Three months ago, with luxury and extravagance in mind, I booked myself into the Casa Mateo, in the heart of Seminyak. The modern Balinese architectural style was apparent. With a walled compound and tropical gardens, it seemed as if I had my own little spot of paradise in Bali. For a moment, I felt at peace, with the tranquility of the villa only disturbed by the slight soft rustle of the trees. The ambiance was certainly luxurious. The sight of the manicured gardens and spotless white walls of the villa soothed my spirit.

I tucked into a fantastic meal course created by an expert cook. Then, I sat back and enjoyed the rapidly dwindling light creating a magical sight in the tropical garden. A few words by William Makepeace Thackeray floated into my mind, ‘What peace, what love, what truth, what happiness for all’.

A Spot of Paradise – Villa KijaDrupadi

Having Japanese influence lingers in its sloping roof and architecture, the villa seemed like an oasis of peace amidst a lush green garden. I noticed the lagoon like pool a few steps away from the mansion. The pool was spectacular, surrounded by lush plants all around. With barely concealed excitement, I stepped into the house. My first reaction was to blink several times. ‘Such beauty and luxury should be banned’ I thought, reeling from the splendor around me. Cozy couches, minimalist designs, airy windows and spacious rooms greeted me. With effort, I headed towards the bedroom where another pleasant shock waited me.

At night, I was grateful for the Jacuzzi. As the warm waters soothed my tired muscles, my mind wandered off. I have always known Bali to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. However, I had discovered a whole new way to experience its magnificent beauty. The villa’s attention to detail was amazing. An old quote floated into my head, ‘Luxury is in each detail’. That seemed apt for this villa.

A Slice of Luxury – La Villa OberoiSeminyak

On reaching the villa, we had to stop for a moment to admire the sight in front. The kids had a hard time suppressing their glee, and who could blame them? Even we had a hard time believing that we were about to spend a week in this opulent mansion. We were cordially received by the manager, who took us on a short tour around the place. There are four bedrooms, each more splendid than the other and one cozy children’s bedroom. With every step, there was only one thing escaping my lips, ‘Wow!’ I regret to say that I didn’t pay much attention to the manager, who proved to be a gracious host throughout our stay.

A remarkable thing about the Villa Oberoi was that it was in the heart of Seminyak, a bubbling tourist hub. Yet, inside, I heard no noises from the crowds. I decided to head out for lunch, even though there was a kitchen in the villa. I was in for another surprise. I hadn’t pay attention to the roads while travelling to the villa as I could barely contain my excitement. Now, I realized, the main hub of Seminyak was only a walking distance from the villa.

Tranquility in Luxury – Villa Mona Umalas

The villa is located at a 10 minutes distance from Seminyak but it is enough to ensure the solitude of the place. We were greeted by the simplistic beauty of the minimalist villa, or rather the villa manager. The courteous man guided me through the various rooms and we struck up quite a friendship by the end of the stay. It’s the little things such as friendly locals which has made me fall in love with Bali.

Leaving my kids the living room, I roamed around the structure whose gleaming white walls helped create an aura of serenity magnified by the lush green trees and plants around it and accentuated by the wooden design accents. Here, I realized, I had finally found what I was looking for: A spot of solitude drenched with tranquility.

The spacious rooms were luxurious but continued the simple minimalist design. In the bedroom, I was surprised to find a private garden. I could not help but exclaim, ‘lovely!’ when I laid eyes on the living room. I eased myself onto one of the luxurious couches while enjoying the view of the pool. Yes, you read that right. There is a pool inside the living room! I had to look at it for a few moments to realize that I wasn’t dreaming.

A Serene Moment – Villa Reflection Seminyak

Located at a nice enough distance from the main hub of Seminyak, the ever popular tourist and party spot of Bali, the villa offered me a respite from the crowds. We needed a good, long break and a private moment to relax in the beauty that Bali is famous for. The villa provided both in generous amounts.

Going by looks, the villa did not seem as much when I first laid eyes on it. The architecture and interior design were simplistic. However, as we settled in, I realized that it was rich with beauty. The teak floors looked gorgeous, and I was stunned at the expansive living room tastefully decorated and replete with modern amenities.

We enjoyed the complimentary ride provided by the villa from the airport. At the villa, we were greeted cordially by the villa manager who offered us a tour and a welcome drink. ‘Such personal touches are rather enjoyable!’ I thought to myself and I am sure you will agree with me.