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16 Sep

Design Concept.

Cheered by the exquisite beauty of nature, the 888condo offers you a “living in the center of paradise”. The serviced apartments and a hotel sited in the heart of Bali coaxes you to relish the combined attractiveness of nature and art amplified by latest technology to grant you a real sense of paradise in the world. This is the place where exquisite nature, elegant art and scientific innovations are infused to put forth a magical world of dreams to you.

The novel design of 888condo is contrived while keeping in view the naïve surroundings and enchanting beaches to give you a real facet of the mother earth and its nature. The design which combines the nature’s elegance and peaceful environment fully satisfies the mirthful experience of life. 888condo has the décor mingled with western and eastern styles and with both contemporary and antique look to give eyes the most soothing view.

888condo is strategically sited at the most optimum spot of Bali with the beaches enshrouding it from all sides. The beaches and supermarkets can be readily accessed without even exerting a tinniest of effort. With the salubrious environment, deluxe interior and with privacy it offers you to blow over your time in the most adoring manner. The “sky pool” renders not only great merriment but also the incredible view of the city and Beona harbor from the top giving you a sense of being in the realm of floating air.


Gym The gym comes up with a fitness centre and a spa laden with all the paraphernalia to take great care of your precious health. Gym has all and sundry equipment with latest technology to give boost to your health. It also has a trainer and expert to render you with valuable exhortations.

Sky pool is one of the most incredible and fantabulous enjoyable spot in 888condo. The gigantic pool made up of finest timber material and finished with glaring steel and galvanized glass takes your experience of swimming to an elevated level of enjoyment. The huge sized pool can accumulate numerous people at a time. The pool is covered by a sun bed with the cozy couches under umbrellas from where one can have unforgettable bird’ eye view of the city.

Restaurant. The restaurant offers world’s most savory dishes to give your taste buds an astounding experience. The restaurant is designed with most exuberant furniture and architecture to multiply the fun of having food. The melodious tunes would do a world of good to your eating experiences. With our expert chefs, we offer you all the dishes under the sun such as western, eastern, Asian etc with the finest tastes you have ever dreamt of.

Spa has all the requisite equipment to rejuvenate your health. It has luxury steam capsule, heaters, hot stones, message and facial beds etc. it also has electrical beds, hydraulic beds and static beds. With our vet staff at spa, we can provide you absolute relaxation to your mind and body.

Meeting rooms. The place offers you capacious rooms to conduct meetings. The rooms specifically designed to enhance meetings in calm and peaceful environment and with latest technology to get along without any hurdles or problems. The rooms have projectors, equipments for online conferences, sofas and chairs for relaxation. They have adequate lighting and sound system to meet the needs of day.

Reception area. It is the place where we heartily greet our guests. All the help is readily available and our cooperating staff with their pleasing manners would take care of your every concern. While waiting at the reception you can enjoy various services at a time for instance you can have drinks or you can enjoy the bar.

Laundry. The laundry services are also provided by our management. All of your reputable apparels are taken great care of. The quick and efficient service is available to you throughout day and night.

Daily Maid Services. We provide each and every apartment daily maid services. Now your apartments are kept without even a mote of dirt. The services include washing, cleaning, arranging and maintaining apartment.

High Speed Internet. The high speed internet is available throughout the premises. You can now enjoy movies, music, games and can keep yourself connected with the world all day and night. The high speed internet is even available at reception.

Security Card Key Access. To maintain privacy and to secure your precious assets we offer security card key access to the apartments and rooms. With the security cards we guarantee you that yours every object is completely secured. The live database also allows us to keep an eye on any suspicious movements. With us you are totally safe.

2 Lift + 1 service Lift. The safe and sound lifts are there to take you up to the skies within seconds. The lifts have huge space and to avoid any suffocation. With laudable speed it can readily take you to your room.

Rental services. We also grant you an access to rental services. Rental services allow you to rent a car, bicycle or similar services. The rents we charge are most appropriate and minimal. You will definitely enjoy our rental services

Basement Parking. We know the dilemma one faces at parking therefore we provide you an easy solution. With our gigantic parking space, you can always find the parking slot even in the most rush hours. The parking works on automatic card system with the security highly ensured.