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Cocoon Beach Club
23 Nov

Cocoon Beach Club

When times get too tough and you feel as if you have the burdens of the world on your shoulder, you need to unwind. I have had experienced the feeling many times in life. As the Beatles used to sing, ‘It’s been a hard day’s night, and I’d been working like a dog’. In such situations, I really feel the need to get away. Thankfully, there is no shortage of places to unwind in Bali.

After one such tiring week, I found myself debating on which club to visit. I had been hearing good things about this beach club located on Double Six, the famous street filled with popular nightlife and hangout spots. The club is called Cocoon Beach Club. I came to know that this club was more than just a beach club. It had a well-stocked bar and a fantastic restaurant.

As I entered the club, my eyes were immediately attracted by the pool that served as the centrepiece of the club, inviting me to plunge into its blue waters. Traditional embroidered parasols of the Balinese style surrounded the pool. Of course, like all good beach clubs, this one too provides a spectacular view of the sea.

The well-stocked bar had some innovative recipes of cocktails on offer. I was given a range of Mediterranean tapas to choose from along with a classic mojito. I decided to try their signature cocktail, B Svenaz. I was informed by the bartender, as he adeptly prepared me a chilled margarita glass, thatit contains of orange liquor, tequila and a dash of rhubarb sorbet and orange juice. The bright orange of the drink was the perfect combination to the reddening sky as the sun began to set.

With the drink in hand, I headed down to the pool having noticed a group of people down there, hired out a VIP cabana for socialising. I decided to take a cool dip into the pool while the gig by an international DJ began to pump up the excitement of the crowd. It was a heady feeling! The breath-taking views of the beach, the energetic music and the mouth-watering snacks made the perfect combination.

Cocoon Beach Club has a delightful range of cuisines on offer. One of the waiters recommended me to try out one of the specialities of the club, House Smoked Tasmanian Salmon with Crème Fraiche. I was also informed that White Fish Carpaccio with lemon oil and mint was another delicious dish that needs to be tried out. I was in the mood for something meatier. Therefore, I ended up ordering Roasted Veal Chops that was served with raisins, pine nuts and sweet and sour peppers. I ended my day with a scoop of mouth-watering black sesame ice-cream that was homemade. I am telling you, it was the perfect dinner I’ve had since the last few weeks.

The one thing I also noticed about Cocoon Beach Club is that their service is tailored more to making their customers relax. Their openness in service actually allows you to give them reviews regardless of whether they are positive or negative.

With so many miles of swimmable water, great views and wonderful service, there is no reason why you shouldn’t come to Cocoon Beach Club. It has everything you need to chill, or even more. Since they are one of the hot spots in the heart of Seminyak, booking in advance is advisable to hire VIP cabana or simply just to avoid standing in the line in high heel.