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2nd Floor Coffee
05 Oct

2nd Floor Coffee

Coffee is the life force for a number of people living on the planet. Smell of fresh brewing coffee is something that has been keeping them alive since ever. For such coffee lovers and everyone who want to get some out of world coffee with some delicious cakes, we invite you to 2nd Floor Coffee – an exclusive coffee shop which has committed to serve best coffee possible on the island.

With our authentic Italian coffee maker, we present you a variety of coffees which can take you to paradise; a taste that would linger on your lips, a feeling that you will never forget. Come to our coffee shop and rejuvenate yourself with a myriad of coffees. Our experts at our coffee shop will make sure that each and every cup coming out of our kitchen is special and will win the heart of our customers.

We have a semi open venue so that you are not suffocated inside a packed air conditioned room. Rather, we want you to enjoy the fresh air and enjoy the scenery. And if you find it uncomfortable, you can always return to the luxury. Providing both the options, help us attract more crowd.

We welcome everyone who share our passion to not to compromise on the quality of coffee. Contradicting the so called coffee giants like Starbucks and alike, we serve you coffee which is strong and filling – much like an Australian Blend Coffee. And of course, we provide you a cozy space to get together and with our fresh coffee. You are free to chit chat and meet up and sit whatever time you feel like. Our aim is to provide an affordable space for friends to unite again after a long time, or for a new business deal to crack or for the two hearts to meet and get to know each other better.

Moreover, we have a strategic location as we are quite in the center of the busiest spot in Kuta. Hence, if there are a lot of people coming up from various parts of the world, this is where you can host them with extreme ease. We are at the second floor of Si Doi Hotel. It is right near the famous and beautiful Kuta beach and therefore if you are in this area, a walk across the beach is inevitable, just like our coffee.

And while coffee is our prime forte, we have much more to satiate you and make you crave more. A variety of cakes await you at our coffee shop. Combine the snacks with our coffee and amplify the taste. Create memories that shall be cherished forever.